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Laura Martin is one of the rare musicians to have built her own instrument. She was then 17, and this cello became her musical partner for several years. This unforgettable process opened to her the universe of sound making from its deepest origin.


Born in Paris in 1992, Laura Martin began playing the cello in France before to continue her studies at the Brussels' Royal Conservatory with Marie Hallynck and later on with Martti Rousi at the Sibelius Academy of Helsinki. Laura has participated in various projects and masterclasses such as the Festival Pablo Casals, the Villecroze Academy, the Cello Biennale of Amsterdam (2016), and the 9th Osaka chamber music competition. With the cello ensemble of Martti Rousi, she has also performed at the Mariinsky Theater in St Petersburg and in the Teatro Rossini of Pesaro. Most recently, in the summer of 2018, she was invited to be a Professional Performance Artist at the Boston Music Institute's 12 Hour Masterclasses with members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and then participated in the music festival of Santander in Spain. Based in Helsinki, Laura sometimes performs with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish Radio Orchestra.

Principal  Cellist


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