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Tue, Apr 09



Concert: VIVALDI!

Jean Sibelius: Impromptu for Strings, Einojuhani Rautavaara: Adagio Celeste, Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for two Cellos, Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons. Soloists from the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra | James Kahane, conductor.

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Concert: VIVALDI!
Concert: VIVALDI!

Time & Place / Aika ja paikka

Apr 09, 2024, 8:00 PM

Helsinki, Ritarikatu 1, 00170 Helsinki, Finland

Details / Lisätietoja

The Helsinki Chamber Orchestra is proud to launch a new event format, the “Immersive Concert” with its first iteration taking place on April 9th 2024 centered around the music of Antonio Vivaldi (but not only!). This format, in addition to the usual focus points of the orchestra's concerts - high quality performance of western classical music -, adds an extra pedagogical and educational spin while simultaneously offering to the audience a one of a kind sensory experience.

The event is divided in two parts: the "Inside the Orchestra" part, where the audience is offered the unique experience of being seated among the orchestra's musicians or around it, and to have various interactions with them - the conductor, as well as the musicians, will offer various explanations, insights, and trivia around the pieces that will be presented, and it will be the opportunity for the listeners to ask questions directly as well! Following a break, the event will resume with a full uninterrupted performance part with the same seating.

It is possible to attend either part separately, or both of them together! For the entirety of the event, the audience will be seated inside or at the periphery of the orchestra. Seating is free and you can choose on the spot where you would like to seat, whether next to the double-bass for their powerful low sounds, to the soloist for their virtuoso playing, or further away from the orchestra for the unified sound of the group!

Immersive event: "Inside the Orchestra" (18:00-19:30)

The immersive event will highlight one of the most famous works by Antonio Vivaldi, the Four Seasons. Each of the season, a concerto for violin and string orchestra, will be performed and presented by a different member of the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra and will offer a unique opportunity to learn more about the music, the composer, as well as the technical challenges that a soloist has to face to perform these difficult concertos. The orchestra will also present one of Jean Sibelius' most loved composition, his Impromptu, in both versions back to back: the original version for piano solo (Impromptu No. 5 and 6), and the version he later arranged for string orchestra. The similitude and differences of both versions will be highlighted to offer a refreshing insight in the music of Finland's most significant composer!

Concert (20:00-21:30)

The Helsinki Chamber Orchestra will perform the complete program centered around Vivaldi and Finnish music, while using the splendid acoustics of Ritarihuone fully at their advantage; the orchestra will be placed in the same way as in the "Immersive event" part. The concert will also be a unique opportunity to celebrate the talent and virtuosity of the members of the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra: a total of 6 soloists, taken from the ranks of the orchestra, will perform Vivaldi's concertos.

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